We’ve seen enough: The MAGA GOP’s bogus impeachment inquiry is an unmitigated disaster Skip to content

We’ve seen enough: The MAGA GOP’s bogus impeachment inquiry is an unmitigated disaster

If they wanted to distract from the MAGA government shutdown, this sure wasn’t what they had in mind.

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Via press release from the Congressional Integrity Project

Today, Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer held the first impeachment inquiry hearing of President Biden. The hearing was an embarrassing and complete disaster for Republicans – and they know it. The day was filled with MAGA loyalist witnesses who exposed the lack of evidence, a mention of the Congressional Integrity Project (hi, Chairman!), custom “Comer NO Evidence” T-shirts, and more.

In response, Congressional Integrity Project executive director Kyle Herrig issued the following statement: 

“Even for James Comer, who has failed consistently for 9 months to prove anything against Joe Biden at all, today’s hearing was an absolute disaster. Members of his own party are openly trashing him, and he was made to look like a complete fool by his own witnesses. Today’s shenanigans would almost be funny if the whole thing wasn’t such a waste of time while the government lurches to a government shutdown of MAGA Republicans’ own making. If anyone was still wondering if this impeachment inquiry was nothing more than an unserious political stunt, this hearing put all doubts to rest.”

Did you miss any of the action? Check out the highlights below: 

James Comer's star witness, Jonathan Turley, said in his opening statement “I do not believe that the current evidence would support articles of impeachment”. Watch here.

Rep. Jasmine Crockett attempted to enter CIP’s fact sheet, President Trump’s Shady Business Dealings With The Chinese Government, into the official record, only to be shot down by Chairman Comer, who clearly doesn’t want the fact sheet read. Watch the clip here.

Congressional Integrity Project sent observers wearing “No Evidence” t-shirts with Comer’s face.

Watch Ranking Member Jamie Raskin’s opening statement on holding a sham impeachment hearing without evidence of wrongdoing by President Biden, 62 hours before the government shutdown. Watch here.

Rep. Greg Casar asked members of the Committee to raise their hands if they believed both Hunter Biden and Donald Trump should be held accountable for any of the indictments against them if convicted by a jury of their peers. Every Democratic member of the Committee raised their hands, and not a single one of the Republican members did… Watch.


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