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What has Kentucky done to deserve Thomas Massie?

Thomas Massie has long been seen as his “own man.” But now he seems to be paired up with the MAGA group, especially MTG. Why? And what have we done to deserve this?

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Thomas Massie, Speaker Mike Johnson, and Marjorie Taylor Greene (photo from The Hill)

Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie has apparently joined the ranks of the ultra-right members of Congress commonly known as the MAGA faction. The group lists among its members Lauren Boebert, Matt Gaetz, and Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Massie is the Kentucky Representative of District 4, which has been nicely gerrymandered to extend from just north of Bardstown, northeast to the Kentucky-Ohio border, and then across the top of the state all the way to Ashland.

During April the MAGA faction, consisting of eleven members at the time, voted unanimously against the bill to provide military aid to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan. The vote, essentially aimed at embarrassing Speaker Mike Johnson, illustrated an incredible stupidity on their part, a total lack of understanding of the importance of the worldwide commitment of the U.S. to its allies in the face of continuing aggression and posturing, as well as ignorance of history.

More recently, Greene orchestrated a move to ouster Johnson, pushing for a vote to ouster him after two meetings in which she made four demands:

  • Enact a continuing resolution to impose a 1% spending cut if 12 spending bills are not passed individually
  • No future funding for Ukraine
  • Defund DOJ special counsels
  • Require a majority of members of the majority party (currently the GOP) to support any bill before bringing it to the House floor for a vote 

Massie voted in support of Greene to oust Johnson.  And to show how idiotic this attempt was, the motion to oust was defeated by a vote of 359 to 43, exposing Greene as the usurper she really is, even among her own party.  One hundred and twelve Republicans voted against the Greene motion, with only 11 voting in favor.  Surely Massie can see the embarrassment of so little support.

In many photographs and videos recently of Greene, Massie is often seen just behind her, exhibiting an adoring gaze in her direction.  One must wonder why the Kentucky Congressman is so enamored of her.

Could it really be that he believes that her attachment to and support from Donald Trump will be an advantage to him in his home district?

These recent machinations led by Greene only serve to demonstrate that her faction is only interested in making the acts of legislation more difficult than they already are.  In that sense they are acting like congressional anarchists, working to disrupt democracy.

It has long been apparent that Georgia (Greene), Florida (Gaetz’) and Colorado (Boebert) are suffering under the representation of these individuals, but Kentucky has only recently joined the list of states so similarly afflicted.

And it should be noted that James Comer is not doing Kentucky much of a service either, with his constant campaign to impeach President Biden without producing a shred of evidence through a long series of hearings of any wrongdoing on the part of the President.

We continue to ask the question:  What has Kentucky done to deserve this?


Written by Chuck Witt, a retired architect, a former newspaper columnist, and a lifelong resident of Winchester. Cross-posted from WinCity Voices.

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