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Hey, Max and fellow MAGAs – What’s it to you?

An essential question to ask when dealing with persons putting their noses, and their laws, where they don’t belong.

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The Republican sponsors of the “Don’t Say Gay or Trans” bill. (Clockwise from upper center) Max Wise, prime sponsor; Lindsey Tichenor; Rick Girdler; Stephen Meredith; Brandon Storm; Phillip Wheeler; Gex Williams; John Schickel; Shelley Funke Frommeyer; Mike Wilson; Gary Boswell; Robby Mills (official photos)

You know what’s wrong with State Representative (and wannabe lieutenant governor) Max Wise? A bad upbringing. His saintly mother clearly did not ask him enough “What’s it to you?”

If a high-school junior wants to pick new pronouns, what’s it to you? How does that affect your life in any way? If Harry Styles, Kid Cudi, or Young Thug sport a dress, why do you care? No one’s getting on your constituents whose beer bellies hang six inches over their belts or wear Daisy Dukes.

After all, what’s it to us? If parents have a different opinion on what their trans kid’s best options are for health care, what’s it to you? No one’s making you do anything differently. I thought you guys were all about putting parents in charge. Is that only when they’re censoring books or indulging in QAnon conspiracies? What about the vast majority of parents who don’t want their schools dumbed down? You don’t seem to care about them, either.

Wise sponsored the infamous SB1 last year to regulate how often Jefferson County Public Schools’ School Board can meet. Max, why do you care? If that’s such a great idea, why don’t you place those limits on the schools in the school districts you represent in Frankfort? He’s also determined to foist a charter school on JCPS. Hey, Max! If that’s so great, shouldn’t Campbellsville get one? You could have Campbellsville University run it, and you can teach us all how to do it right!

But, of course, it’s not just Max Wise. If anything, he and his running mate Kelly Craft are late to the faux-outrage Olympics. Across the nation, Republicans have turned into self-righteous dictators on how everyone needs to live their lives. What’s it to all of you guys?

If public libraries carry books that you don’t like, what’s it to you? You don’t have to check them out. Why should someone whose last read book was Clarence the TV Dog get to decide what everyone else reads?

If high-school kids want to learn about African-American history, what’s it to you? You can remain just as racist and ignorant as you are. No one’s making you read W.E.B. DuBois, Ida Tarbell, Ta-Nehisi Coates, bell hooks, Douglas Blackmon, or Taylor Branch. No one’s even making you read the Dr. Martin Luther King quotes that show that he’d fit right in with BLM, not Candance Owen.

One of Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ first acts as Arkansas governor was banning the term Latinx. Really? What’s it to you? How does that affect you in any way at all? I don’t object when you call yourself a Christian, even though you make a mockery of everything that Our Lord and Savior actually said in the Bible. After all, it’s between you and God and none of my business.

Fox News’ resident whiner Tucker Carlson literally spent months lamenting that the female green M&Ms had exchanged her sexy high-heel boots for more comfortable footwear. I couldn’t make this up. First of all, why does Tucker care? And, second of all, isn’t it creepy to see a grown man fetishizing a candy cartoon? Shudder! And he has the gall to accuse Democrats of having strange predilections.

If other parents want to take their kids to family-friendly drag shows, what’s it to you? Anyone forcing you to take your kids? No? We don’t complain if you take your kids to see 2000 Mules  or the ultra-violent American Sniper.

Why don’t we make a deal? Don’t criticize parents who don’t do what you don’t like, and they won’t criticize you for taking up for pedophile priests and sexually deviant Baptist ministers. I think you’d get the better part of that deal.

And just to throw in a little extra, we won’t comment on how much you want to see photos of Hunter Biden naked on someone’s laptop. Deal?


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Ivonne Rovira

Ivonne is the research director for Save Our Schools Kentucky. She previously worked for The Miami Herald, the Miami News, and The Associated Press. (Read the rest on the Contributors page.)



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