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Who’s running in 2023, and how much have they raised?

Guess what – just 5 weeks till the deadline to file for the 2023 election for statewide offices! Who’s in, and how much have they raised? Here’s the list as of today.

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Even as we make our way through the holiday season, there is another season going on: the filing season. Yes, Virginia, there is another election – and the deadline to file is January 6th, about five weeks away.

Things are getting crazy out there, with twelve (!) Republicans running for governor, and various and sundry persons running for the other statewide races: Attorney General, Secretary of State, Auditor, Treasurer, and Ag Commissioner.

“But wait,” you may say. “When I go to the Board of Elections site to see who has filed to run, I only see three names: David Cooper and Robbie Smith for governor, and Russell Coleman for AG. Where is everyone else?”

Well, in actuality there are two filings a candidate has to do: one to file to run, which is due on 1/6; and a “letter of intent” that you file with the KY Registry of Election Finance (KREF), which you have to file before you can begin raising money. And since raising money is the be-all and end-all of modern electoral politics, people file with KREF as soon as they even think about running.

So, here’s an update on who has filed in either location, and how much they have raised. We’ll update this list a couple more times before the 1/6 deadline.


This is the race that gets all the attention, of course. We all know Andy Beshear is running for a second term, and a number of Republicans have filed to run against him, including some you’ve never heard of. (We hadn’t either.)

Here’s the list, along with how much they have raised. The list is sortable by clicking on the column header. To reset, just refresh the page.

Last First Party Receipts
Beshear Andy Dem 4,533,500
Johnson Rev.Clint Ind -
Ferguson David Ind -
Bush Brian Other -
Moore Anthony Rep -
Harmon Mike Rep 64,919
Cooper David Rep 5,500
Rice Johnny Rep -
Deters Eric Rep 94,671
Smith Robbie Rep 2,000
Quarles Ryan Rep 875,728
Cameron Daniel Rep 708,279
Maddox Savannah Rep 210,796
DeVore Robert Rep -
Craft Kelly Rep 751,597
Keck Alan Rep -

Secretary of State

For the other offices, the number of filers is small enough that I'm just going to list them. Here’s the SOS list with name, party, and amount raised.

  • Maricle, Allen – Rep – $0
  • Adams, Michael – Rep – $143,383

Attorney General

This is an open seat, because the incumbent, Daniel Cameron, has filed to run for governor. You can’t run for two different offices in the same election.

  • Coleman, Russell – Rep – $483,005
  • Stevenson, Pamela – Dem – $0 (just filed yesterday)


This is another open seat, because Mike Harmon filed for governor. Allison Ball, who is currently the state treasurer, has filed to move into this position.

  • Ball, Allison – Rep – $23,855
  • Reeder, Kimberley – Dem – $28,270

Ag Commissioner

Yet another open seat, because Ryan Quarles also filed for governor.

  • Heath, Richard – Rep – $45,750
  • Shell, Jonathan – Rep – $299,050


And still another open seat, because Allison Ball is running for auditor.

  • Cooperrider, Andrew – Rep – $26,340


So, that’s the state of things as of 11/29/22 – 25 candidates for 6 offices, with over $8 million raised so far. Watch for another update in mid-December, and a final update once the 1/6 filing deadline has passed.


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