Will a big bag of coal cash buy the gov’s race? Skip to content

Will a big bag of coal cash buy the gov’s race?

The Colonels take a look at the Craft bucket o’ cash, then talk with Michael Bowman, the Dem candidate for state treasurer.

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This week Kimberly, Doug, and Chris cover the Kentucky political news you need, with Doug bringing us a deep dive on the Kraft’s campaign cash as the GOP Governors race heads into its final days. Then, we are VERY excited to bring on Michael Bowman, the Democratic candidate for state treasurer. We check in on how his state-wide campaign is shaping up, and whether or not folks will be able to vote for him on May 16th. We close with an election call-to-action, urging folks to get engaged with the special election for State Senate District 28 between now and May 16th.

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