Will we hit an all-time low turnout on Tuesday? Skip to content

Will we hit an all-time low turnout on Tuesday?

A bad record is still a record.

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Secretary of State Michael Adams recently predicted a 10% turnout for the May 16th primary election in Kentucky. This sounded unusually low to me, so I compiled 23 years of primary election data to determine the nadir of Kentucky primary turnout during that period.

The lowest I found was the year 2011, when the primary turnout was 10.4%. If we dip below 10.4% this cycle, it will be a modern low.

There are variables influencing turnout for every election, and comparing state constitutional election turnout to legislative, congressional, and presidential elections is not apples to apples. Still, 10% is really low, and would be disappointing.

So, regardless of which party you belong to, please vote – and encourage your friends to vote too.


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Trent Garrison

Trent Garrison grew up in southeastern Kentucky, and attended EKU and got his Ph.D. at UK. After working in state government, he attended graduate school at KSU. (Read more on the Contributors page.)

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