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2022 Election Results: Kentucky

The wilderness years continue for KY Dems.

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The legislative races in Kentucky went about as expected – Dems lost more seats in the House, turning the Republican super-duper majority into a majority that has outgrown our adjectives for it. (Overwhelming? Massive? Staggering?)

And in the Senate, Dems lost one seat for the simple reason that they didn’t put up a candidate for it. Quelle surprise.

So, at least as far as the state legislature is concerned, the years in the wilderness continue for the Dems.

There was some other election news that was better, though. More details below.

KY House

Unsurprisingly, the Repubs flipped some more seats in the KY House. According to results as of right now (not all precincts have reported), it looks like Republicans have gained at least 5 seats, and could get as many as 8.

Democrats in the House who lost their seat: Patti Minter, Charlie Miller, Jeff Donohue, and Angie Hatton. Also, Josie Raymond’s old seat went to a Republican.

Notably, Dems also had a pickup, as it appears Lamin Swann is going to win in district 93, Norma Kirk-McCormick’s old seat.

Note that there are still three races too close to all: Cherlynn Stevenson, Buddy Wheatley, and Rachel Roarx, who is trying to hold McKenzie Cantrell’s old seat.

If the Dems win all three, the House will be 79-21.

Of note: with the retirement of Joni Jenkins and the loss by Angie Hatton, the small Dem caucus in the House will need new leadership, since Derrick Graham would be the only one left from the current leadership. There are some strong leaders in the people that are left, so it will be interesting to see how that plays out.

KY Senate

Not really any news here, as the Dems lost one seat because they didn’t contest it. Looks like the Senate will wind up 31-7.

Judicial races

One piece of good news: Joe Fischer, who ran as a Republican for a supposedly non-partisan seat on the Supreme Court of KY, lost to the incumbent Michelle Keller.

Another piece of good news: Judge Phillip Shepherd fought off Joe Bilby for the Franklin Circuit Judge seat. Shepherd was targeted by the Repubs because they didn’t like some of his decisions.


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