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4/12/22 Action Alert

Bills to call about today!

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Depending on what happens tomorrow, this may be the last Action Alert for this session. But who know – the way the leadership has handled bills, we could see some new disaster filed, heard in committee, and passed, all in one day.

Here’s the comment line number:  800-372-7181. For all the bills below, leave a message for your own legislators, an entire chamber, or the entire legislature.

I’ve sort of listed these in what I think is the order of likelihood – so for example, I think there is a good shot at stopping the charter school funding bill, while I think there is a much smaller chance of stopping HB 8. But, we shall see.

Bills to call about TODAY

Bill Topic Action
HB 9 Charter school funding Uphold the veto
SB 167 Attack on library boards Uphold the veto
HB 606 Sports wagering Vote to pass
HB 608 Game machines Vote to pass
HB 609 Problem gambling assistance Vote to pass
HB 222 Anti-SLAPP Act Vote to pass
SB 1 De-power SBDMs; teach “American Principles Act” Uphold the veto
HB 8 Eliminate income tax Uphold the veto

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