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A western Kentuckian's reply to the president's bigotry

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(from the Facebook page of Dr. David Kabithe of Hopkinsville)

I never get political on Facebook but I just could not be silent this time.

I want the world to know that I come from an African immigrant family. My mother and father are from a “s***hole” country called Kenya. My father grew up very poor. He was the last born but the first person in his family of 5 children to learn how to read. My father did not start elementary school until he was 10 years old. He acquired his first pair of shoes as an adult.

My parents left Kenya, and everything that they knew and loved, to pursue the American dream. My mother received a degree in Computer Programing. My father received a scholarship to study at Georgetown College in Kentucky where I was born. He went on to get a PhD in psychology. He practiced clinical psychology for several years in Toledo, OH, caring for mostly poor Americans before relocating our family back to the “s***hole country” in the early 80’s.

They had 4 children who were born and reside here in the U.S.A. Their first born has been a surgeon in America for over 20 years, taking care of people from all walks of life. Their second born has been a pharmacist in Atlanta for over 20 years. Their 3rd born is a CPA in Atlanta and has worked for several major accounting firms. Their last born is an architect who has designed multimillion dollar buildings for public school districts in upstate New York.

Our family has achieved a lot. And guess what? This is not an anomaly as I know many African immigrant families living in the U.S.A with similar stories. We are smart, work very hard, and contribute greatly to this country. Not bad for being from a “s***hole” country, huh? God bless America!


(Originally posted on the Facebook page of Dr. Kabithe;
posted with permission of the author, and cross-posted from the Kentucky AFL-CIO site as well)

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