A wrap-up of yesterday’s KYGA session Skip to content

A wrap-up of yesterday’s KYGA session

Many, many bills sped through the General Assembly on Thursday. Here are some of the more noteworthy ones.

The big news from yesterday, of course, was the last-minute passing of SB 150, the omnibus and very cruel anti-trans bill. (Also known as the “Let’s Cause More Teen Suicides Bill.”)

But, even though that bill sucked all the air out of the room, there were actually some other bills, good and bad, that passed, or that moved forward in some way.

Two more headline bills

Medical cannabis

The other big headline from yesterday was that Kentucky finally passed a bill making medical cannabis legal. SB 47 is limited — you can't smoke it, you have to have a doctor's prescription, it can only be used for certain conditions and diseases — but at least it passed. Most commentators believe it finally passed because of Beshear's executive order. The Repubs didn't want to give him that talking point in this year's election.

Sports betting

Not as big a headline, because it didn’t make it all the way, but a sports betting bill is on the move. HB 551 got its second reading in the Senate, and could theoretically be passed when they come back at the end of the month.

Thursday’s Enrolled Bills

Any bills passed by both chambers (enrolled) now go to the governor, who can sign them, veto them, or ignore them. If he ignores them, they become law without his signature. If he vetoes them, the legislature can override the veto when they come back for their final two days.

❌ SB 65 – Nullify administrative regulations (gets rid of dental and vision benefits for persons on Medicaid. Why? To get back at Beshear)

❌ HB 329 – Powers of Contract Review Committee (let’s them throw out contracts signed by the executive branch)

❌ HB 395 – Govt IT oversight board (puts six legislators in charge of government IT)

❌ SB 5 – "Harmful to minors" bill (the book-banning in schools bill)

❌ SB 7 – Can't deduct union dues from public employee's paychecks (a direct attack on public employee unions, especially KEA)

❌ SB 107 – Comm of Ed confirmed by legislature (puts the Ed Commish under the thumb of the legislature, which undoes part of the reforms in KERA)

HB 444 – Pay increases for state employees (about time, but still not enough)

SB 9 – New anti-hazing laws

SB 135 – Postpartum depression care

SB 281 – 50% of state vehicles use alt fuels (mainly hybrid and all-electric)


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