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Alan Keck interview and Sine Die notes

This week MOKP welcomes a Republican candidate, Alan Keck, to the show! And, Robert and Jazmin discuss medical MJ and sports betting.

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This week we welcomed Republican candidate for governor Alan Keck to the show! We asked him a lot of tough questions and didn’t pull our punches regarding what we thought about the Republican agenda, and he was willing to answer; the conversation was very cordial and definitely provided a different perspective than you will normally hear on our show. We were impressed with Mayor Keck’s willingness to take all of our questions, even if we didn’t agree on much.

The legislative session is over, and Jazmin and Robert talked about the post-veto period happenings, including final passage of both medical marijuana and sports gambling, two major Democratic priorities for years. We talked about how much credit was due to the Governor, and how each program will be set up in the coming years.

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