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Anti-trans Action Alert

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HB 470, the worst anti-trans bill in this year’s legislative session, is going to be heard in committee soon. A number of organizations have signed a letter to members of the House asking them to vote the bill down and kill it. This Action Alert is to ask you to sign the letter IF you have permission to sign for an organization. (If you don’t have permission, please forward this to someone who does.)

From the email announcing this letter:

“HB 470 Description - This is a bill that would prohibit all health and mental health professionals from talking with, providing information to or rendering health care services to any youth on the topic of gender-affirming issues or treatment.  It threatens all health and mental health professionals with loss of their license if they provide care to transgender youth, and also makes them liable for civil penalties and law suits.  It also creates a “duty to report” any health or mental health provider who violates these prohibitions. (Bruce note: It includes the same “duty to report” for teachers and school counselors, thus requiring them to out a child to the child’s parents.)

“The bill essentially removes the ability of a parent or guardian to seek care from a health or mental health professional in Kentucky for their transgender child and would stop any medical treatment already begun.

“We know that transgender youth are at greater risk for mental health problems and suicidal ideation.  Removing access to health and mental health care for all of these youngsters would put them at much higher risk for suicide and self-harm.”

To add your organization to the letter:

Go to this link and fill in the form:

Sign-On Letter Opposing HB 470
Honorable Members of the Ky House of Representatives: On behalf of the undersigned organizations, we urge you to NOT support HB 470, which will ban access to any discussion, information and treatments for transgender youth in the Commonwealth, even when requested by their parents or guardians. It…

Please do this now; the bill may come up in committee any day, and if past is prologue, once it gets out of committee it will be approved in short order.


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Bruce Maples

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