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Auschwitz in America

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For decades, whenever anyone wanted to illustrate the moral depravity of the Nazi regime, to prove it beyond a doubt, they would point to the treatment of the children. Children ripped away from their parents, mothers forced to choose one child over another, medical “experiments” on children, families split apart and destroyed, never to see one another again. And all because to the Nazis, these people, these families were subhuman … and so it was acceptable, even necessary, to save the German nation from these subhumans.

And now the United States is headed down the same road.

It is now the official policy of the United States to separate immigrant children from their parents and “resettle” them. (Any bells going off with that word?) Immigration officials are taking children as young as 1 year old away from their mothers, by force, and sending them to facilities in other locations, often in other states. The children are kept from their parents for days, weeks, months. And when the parent is finally either allowed to enter the country under asylum (which is why some of them are coming), or returned to their home country, and they ask where their child is? “In Chicago.” That’s it. Good luck finding your child.

You think I’m exaggerating? Here, watch this clip with an immigration lawyer in Arizona and an ACLU lawyer, on Chris Hayes:

In addition, there are some reports that as many as 600 children have been taken from their parents in just the past two weeks.

Let me be clear. I’ve been writing about politics for well over a decade, and in all that time I can only remember a few times where I’ve felt the need to shout on the page. This is one of those times.

Folks, this is inhumane, barbaric bullshit.

This is the action of a government that has lost whatever moral compass it ever had. This is an abuse of power so dastardly that it is difficult to believe that people we elected are okay with it. This is the beginning of a movie that we’ve seen before, and if allowed to continue, we know how it ends.

And why, pray tell, are our leaders, and our electeds, AND you and me apparently okay with this?

Because the people are brown.

Make no mistake. If this was being done to immigrants from Russia, or Europe, or Asia, people would be up in arms. If this was being done to our own citizens, imagine the uproar! Let’s apply the “deterrent” principle to other crimes: if a treasurer of a company is found guilty of fraud, don’t fine them, take their children! If a mother bounces a check, put her infant daughter in foster care in another state and refuse to tell her where the child is!

No, you and I both know the truth: No one is screaming about this because these people are brown, and immigrants, and therefore somewhere in our collective minds they don’t count.

Well, I can’t speak for you, but I’m horrified by this official policy of our government. And until it is changed, I’m going to call and write every federal elected from our state. Will McConnell or Paul do anything about this? No, they won’t – unless they hear from us. Will Guthrie, or Barr, or Rogers, or Massie, or Yarmuth, or Comer, do anything about this? No, they won’t – unless they hear from us.

This is despicable, inhumane. This is the beginning of Auschwitz in America. I refuse to be silent. You must refuse to be silent as well – or you are one of the German villagers.


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Bruce Maples

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