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Bevin Attacks Media, Calls Pastors "Goats"

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In another video posted on social media, Governor Matt Bevin attacked members of the media and the clergy, including calling the pastors “goats,” an implication that their faith is fake.

Bevin went after some media by name, including Bill Lamb of WDRB and Doug Profitt of WHAS, saying that they had misrepresented his “prayer walk” plan. He also accused Joe Gerth of the Courier-Journal of not being objective in his comments about the plan, apparently not realizing that Gerth is no longer a reporter, but instead now writes an opinion column.

Finally, the Governor attacked the pastors who were opposed to his proposal, using air quotes around the word “leaders” as he mentioned “leaders of the faith community.” He said that he would not “give them the courtesy of mentioning their names,” saying that people could look them up. He then said that he didn’t think his plan was so much dividing the races as it was “dividing the sheep from the goats,” stating that the pastors would understand the reference. As noted by others, the reference is to the dividing of true believers from fake ones at the Last Judgment. The Governor’s comments have been taken by some to mean that he is accusing the pastors of being fake Christians, or even of destined for Hell.

The Governor concluded the video with a defense of his proposal, and said it was not necessary to “mock” Christianity or the power of prayer.

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