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Bevin's Misdeeds – an editorial cartoon series

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Editorial cartoonist Aaron Smith is drawing a series of cartoons to remind voters of some of the low-lights of Matt Bevin’s first term as governor. Here’s the entire series; just click the cartoon to view the original post, and to comment.

Share the cartoons, and the whole series, on social media and with your friends! Let’s remind everyone of the (mis)Deeds of our gov as he runs for re-election!

Bevin’s Misdeeds #1 — Attacking teachers


Bevin’s Misdeeds #2 — Who needs ethics?


Bevin’s Misdeeds #3 — Gun violence


Bevin’s Misdeeds #4 — Spending our money to sue Planned Parenthood


Bevin’s Misdeeds #5 — Wasting money investigating his enemies


Bevin’s Misdeeds #6 — Blocking teachers


Bevin’s Misdeeds #7 — Medicaid hostages


Bevin’s Misdeeds #8 – Turnout Matters!

And the whole series as a poster: Bevin’s Misdeeds Poster (download)


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