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Aaron Smith has been drawing for as long as he could hold a pencil. He grew up in Eastern Kentucky before attending the University of Kentucky, where dozens of his editorial cartoons were published by the Kentucky Kernal, UK's award-winning student run newspaper. His interests include social justice, bourbon and Saturday mornings, sometimes all at once. He currently lives in Louisville with his wife and two ferocious house cats.
Cartoon by Aaron Smith, copyright 2018. All rights reserved.

Is Governor Bevin on Santa’s list?

Aaron Smith got a peek inside Santa's workshop to see if Governor Bevin is on the Naughty or Nice list. Turns out, he's got a list of his own!
Original editorial cartoon by Aaron Smith. Copyright 2018; all rights reserved.

Mitch dines out

After the confrontations in various restaurants, Senator McConnell finally found a place that matches his governing style. Aaron Smith has the details.

Rand Paul passing notes

What was Rand Paul doing on his recent trip to Moscow? Aaron Smith has an idea ...
Bevin tax cuts

Where did all the money go?

If you've ever wondered why we can't seem to afford colleges & pensions & healthcare, even though the economy is booming, then Aaron Smith has your answer.
Tribute to Danny Alvarez

A Tribute to Danny Alvarez

Aaron Smith did an editorial cartoon as a tribute to judicial candidate Danny Alvarez, and we think the cartoon captures perfectly why Danny is so missed.

Matt Bevin’s strategy

Faced with a losing hand through his own bad choices, what does Governor Matt Bevin choose to do? Click the link to see the entire cartoon and find out!

Why did they put pensions in a sewer bill?

Our cartoonist, Aaron Smith, has the answer ...

Bevin gets a grip on Kentucky (rerun)

Our cartoonist, Aaron Smith, reminded us of this cartoon he did in the early days of the site, and said "It seems even more relevant today!" So, we decided to rerun it. Enjoy!

Conservative gun logic, applied

Whenever common-sense gun laws are mentioned, conservatives have a set of pat answers that they always use to tell why such laws are unfair, unreasonable, or unworkable. But what if we took that same logic and applied it to other dangers? Aaron Smith does just that ... and shows how silly conservative gun logic is.
Editorial cartoon showing the budget pie being split, with the largest chunk going to charter schools.

Splitting the Pie

It seems that people can't resist using pies and pie charts when talking about budgets. Well, Aaron Smith shows us how the education pie is being split in the Governor's budget – and who's getting the biggest slice?

Santa Visits Mitch

Mitch McConnell gets a special visit from Santa, as captured by Aaron Smith. Read the whole post to get the whole story, in this two-part cartoon.

Mitch’s High Standards

With Roy Moore, even Mitch McConnell finally found a Republican he couldn't support. Seeing this, Aaron Smith thought it was time McConnell got an award.

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