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Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith has been drawing for as long as he could hold a pencil. He grew up in Eastern Kentucky before attending the University of Kentucky, where dozens of his editorial cartoons were published by the Kentucky Kernal, UK's award-winning student run newspaper. His interests include social justice, bourbon and Saturday mornings, sometimes all at once. He currently lives in Louisville with his wife and two ferocious house cats.

Mitch’s threats

Our senior senator, Mitch McConnell, has been making dire, dire threats about what would happen if the Senate got rid of the filibuster. Unfortunately for Mitch, his threats are coming across differently than he probably assumes. Aaron Smith captures the difference.

Dropping the ball

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer has had a rough twelve months, with some accusing him of dropping a number of balls along the way. Aaron Smith wonders, is Fischer's latest action another dropped ball?

Blood on his hands

Deaths from the terrorist attack. Deaths of children in cages. Deaths from COVID. And yet ... Donald Trump says he takes no responsibility.

Back to square one, America

Aaron Smith's latest editorial cartoon speaks for itself.

Dr. Trumplican’s monster

Aaron Smith drew this 4 1/2 years ago, in March 2016. We're reposting it this Halloween weekend, and marveling at how prescient Aaron was.

Mitch’s scary ads

What do Mitch McConnell's ads remind you of? Cartoonist Aaron Smith thinks that Amy McGrath has the right idea.

Mitch’s voicemail – COVID relief

If you call Senator Mitch McConnell's office and ask him to do something about COVID relief, what message do you get? Aaron Smith has the answer.

The New Biden Rule (according to Mitch)

Senator McConnell keeps saying he is honoring "the Biden rule" when he rams through another SCOTUS justice right before the election. Turns out, he's right – except it's a NEW Biden rule that ol' Mitch made up himself.

Mitch’s voicemail message – Healthcare

If you call Senator McConnell's office about healthcare, what voicemail message do you get? Aaron Smith is pretty sure he knows how it would go.

Junk set-out day in Louisville’s Highlands neighborhood

Aaron Smith notes: "I'm not sure what the Louisville Metro guidelines are for junk set out in Cherokee Triangle, but hopefully they'll make an exception."

DOJ Threat Assessment Guide

Aaron Smith obtained a copy of the classified 2020 Threat Assessment Guide from the DOJ. It's pretty simple, and they've obviously been following it.

She’s got a weapon!

Aaron Smith's latest, on one of the disturbing events of the weekend.