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Booker walks the walk, Rand just talks

Charles Booker was in eastern Kentucky of the weekend, delivering relief supplies. Where was Rand Paul? Uhm ... not there.

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Over the weekend, Senate candidate Charles Booker took a truckload of supplies to an emergency shelter in Whitesburg, in response to the horrible flooding in that area. He said his campaign office in Louisville was full of more supplies that he would deliver on a return trip.

His campaign shared the photo at the top of this story of Booker working at the shelter.

However, our actual senator, Rand Paul, was nowhere to be see in Eastern Kentucky. Instead, he was on the Senate floor, trying to prevent veterans from receiving health care they were promised.

Later, Paul took a shot at Booker for being there, saying “I think most people think that the people who should be doing the responding are the professionals. You know, politicians out there having their picture taken probably isn’t that useful.”

Paul said he would visit the area later to help set up monetary relief for the victims of the flooding, which he said was more needed than the supplies.

As the old internet meme says: Senator Paul, why not both? The last I checked, eastern Kentucky was still part of the state you represent, but you chose to make an unnecessary and unwanted speech on the Senate floor (to an empty chamber?) instead of showing up to help.

So what if it was a photo op for Booker? You could have had the same photo op, if you chose. Instead of a suit, you could have been in work clothes, just like Booker, helping to haul donations into the relief center.

But you chose otherwise.

Over the weekend, Charles Booker walked the walk. You? You just talked.


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