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Charles Booker needs money. Here’s why.

Booker emails tell the tale.

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When you run for office and win, it’s usually not too hard to keep raising money to pay off campaign debts.

Donations generally dry up when you lose. Debts don’t.

Liberal Democrat Charles Booker lost in a landslide to far-right-wing MAGA Republican Sen. Rand Paul. Hence, Booker is sending out emails asking for help with lingering expenses “in order to close out the campaign and move on to the next chapter of our work together.”

In one of his latest emails, the former Falls City state representative tried to be upbeat. He pointed out that the Democrats “held the Senate, minimized losses in the House, and made inroads in places we didn’t expect. In Kentucky, we over-performed 2020 margins in over half of all counties.”

He added, “And through the highs and lows, we built a movement together. We engaged young people and shared hope for progress with millions. We built lasting infrastructure for the progressive movement and created new voters engaged in the Democratic process.

“Despite our loss on Election Day, we can be proud of what we accomplished together. And I am excited to see what’s next for this team.”

This 73-year-old lifelong western Kentucky was proud to vote for Booker. My politics lean left of liberal, which makes me an endangered species in my neck of the Bluegrass State woods – heck, nearly everywhere else from Jordan to Jenkins beyond Louisville and Lexington.

The email explained: “Our campaign was uncompromising. When we were making spending decisions in the final days, that meant we prioritized communicating with as many Kentucky voters as possible. We ran a bold campaign and we made bold decisions. And unfortunately for us, that means we have a bit of a hole in our budget and hope you can help us.”

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Berry Craig

Berry Craig is a professor emeritus of history at West KY Community College, and an author of seven books and co-author of two more. (Read the rest on the Contributors page.)

Arlington, KY