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The Daily Take for Monday

The Daily Take for 7/18/22 – Feedback loops in climate change, and in politics.

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(Sorry this is late getting to you – I had a meeting that started about 8:15 this morning and JUST ended.)

Good morning! Hope your weekend was whatever you wanted it to be. And, that you stayed cool and drank plenty of water.

I went to the KY Democratic Women’s summer convention on Saturday, and got to hear some great speakers and meet some wonderful activists. The event was sold out, which seems to me to be a Good Sign. Will the wake-up call of the Dobbs decision make a difference in this fall’s midterms? Too soon to tell for sure – but everywhere I look, I see women angry and motivated. If the current emotions turn into both voting and campaign work, then yes, it will make a difference.

And not a moment too soon, let me add. The political situation in our country reminds me of climate change: whatever dire scenario we predict for the future, it not only comes true, but comes true sooner than we predicted.

The global climate changes we are seeing in 2022 were not predicted to happen until 2030 or even later. The feedback loop for climate change seems to be in full operation, and like any feedback loop, it accelerates over time.

The same seems to happening in our politics. Things that were once just theoretical discussions are now becoming all too real. Take, for example, the scary video that came out this spring about a mother and her daughter being stopped and arrested at a state border for traveling to another state to get an abortion for the daughter. It was derided as fantasy by the right wing when it came out – but now, lawmakers in Texas are working on a bill to do just that.

I’ve heard people say that the 2024 presidential election is the make-or-break election for our democracy. I am beginning to think that is too far out; if Repubs take the House or the Senate, we may see such laws come as early as next year.

So, no matter how discouraged you get (and it is certainly easy to get discouraged), gird up your determination and get in the fight for the election four months from now. We can’t win all of them, but we can win some of them – including ones where no one gives us a chance.

You have two things you can give: money and time. Now is the moment to give both.


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All for today. Thanks, as always, for reading – and for supporting the work.


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