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Election 2024 races with ONLY a primary

In some races, this month’s primary will determine the overall winner. Here’s the list.

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Here are the races on this year’s primary ballot where only one party is fielding candidates. In other words, whoever wins the primary is automatically the winner of the general.

Incumbents are in Bold type. Note also the three open seats, with no incumbent running.

  • Congressional District 4 – Thomas Massie, Eric Deters, Michael McGinnis,
  • Congressional District 5 – Hal Rogers, Dana Edwards, David Kraftchak, Brandon Mulhollen
  • House 2 (Repub) – Richard Heath, Kimberly Holloway
  • House 19 (Repub) – Michael Meredith, Kelcey Rock
  • House 30 (Dem) – Daniel Grossberg, Mitra Subedi
  • House 40 (Dem) – Nima Kulkarni, William Zeitz
  • House 42 (Dem) (open seat) – Jonathan Musselwhite, Jack Walker, Joshua Watkins
  • House 44 (Dem) – Beverly Chester-Burton, Daniel Cockrell, Shreeta Waldon
  • House 49 (Repub) – William Harned, Thomas Huff
  • House 50 (Repub) – Candy Massaroni, Andy Stone
  • House 61 (Repub) – Jarrod Lykins, Savannah Maddox
  • House 76 (Dem) (open seat) – Joshua Buckman, Anne Donworth, Jamie Palumbo
  • House 86 (Repub) – Tom Smith, Billy Taylor
  • House 89 (Repub) – Idalia Holland, Timmy Truett
  • House 91 (Repub) – Darrell Billings, Billy Wesley
  • House 93 (Dem) – Adrielle Camuel, Sarah Ritter
  • Senate 1 (Repub) – Lynn Bechler, Jason Howell
  • Senate 11 (Repub) (open seat) – Duane Froelicher, Steve Rawlings
  • Senate 33 (Dem) – Michael Churchill, Gerald Neal, Attica Scott


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