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Welcome! This is the launch page for our newest resource, Election Central. Here you can find links to all the sections of EC, along with descriptions of each section. If you have a particular race or races you are interested in, bookmark the Race Page for each of those, so you can jump back there easily. And, be sure to check the Change Log each time you visit, so you can see what has been updated or added.

Note that most of Election Central, other than this home page, can only be accessed by paying members of the site. If you are already a member at the Patron or Partner level, be sure you are logged in before trying to follow one of the links below.

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A few notes about using the site:
– All the tables are sortable by clicking on a column header. To put the sort back as published, just refresh the page.
– The tables use alternating white-grey shading to separate races.
– Incumbents are in bold in the color of their party.

And finally, if you see something incorrect, or have a suggestion on how we could make Election Central better, just drop us a line and we’ll get back to you quickly.

We hope you find this resource useful. If you do, tell your friends!

Election Central pages

Mailing Addresses

Here are the mailing addresses for all the 2022 candidates, as provided by the Secretary of State web site. (go)

Comm Channels

Here are the web site and social media channels for each candidate in a competitive race (primary or general). Not all candidates have all channels; some use their Facebook page as their web site, for example. (go)

Campaign Finances

Here are the campaign finance numbers for all the candidates where we’ve been able to locate them. The numbers come from the Federal Elections Commission and the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance. (go)

Race Pages

Here are all the competitive races, along with links to their individual race pages. We will update the race pages as we get more data (like finance reports), and will note the updates on the Election Central Change Log. (go)


Here are all the interviews of candidates by our two sister media channels, My Old Kentucky Podcast and Colonels of Truth. (go)

Change Log

Every time we update a table or a page, we will note that change in this log. Check here to see if there have been changes in something you are interested in. (go)