Election scorecard for Tuesday night

Bruce Maples
Bruce Maples

Tuesday night, I’m going to be glued to multiple screens, tracking the election results across Kentucky and across the nation. All the national media will be keeping track of the balance in the U.S. Senate and House – but what about here in the Bluegrass State? A scroll at the bottom of the screen isn’t enough; we need our own scorecard.

So, I made one. It is an Excel spreadsheet, with all the federal and state races listed. And, it’s pretty easy to use. Just put the winning party (D or R) in the Win.Party column, and everything else is calculated for you.

(Note: the scorecard is for logged-in members only (free or paid). If you are a member, be sure you are logged in. And if you aren’t a member, but want the scorecard, just go sign up for a membership!)

Download it below, and let’s hope we’ve got better news than we expect on Tuesday!

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