Fair redistricting maps – a lost cause?

Bruce Maples
Bruce Maples

It's time to redraw the legislative districts across the country, which means whichever party is in charge will no doubt try to gerrymander themselves an advantage for the next ten years. Here in Kentucky, the Repubs have super majorities in both houses in the legislature, and will probably set up both our federal and state districts to put them in power essentially forever.

In the past, there was some hope that we could use the courts to stop the more egregious gerrymandered maps – but in 2019, SCOTUS said that map drawing was a political process, and they weren't going to get involved. So now what?

This week on Moving Kentucky Forward, we talk with Michael Li of the Brennan Center, and Dee Pregliaso of the KY chapter of the League of Women Voters. Not only did we get lots of good info on redistricting and gerrymandering, we also got an answer to our question "Is there any hope?" Listen to learn what they said.

(PS – Apologies for the audio in spots. Apparently, the gerbils powering the internet couldn't always keep up.)

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