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This week’s updates and stories, including one that we hope you will definitely take the time to read.

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Bruce Maples
Bruce Maples, publisher

Good evening! Some good articles this week, but one in particular I hope you will read and share.
        I was asked some time ago to give a talk on Christian Nationalism. I did quite a bit of research on the topic, and wound up writing an Explainer about it.
        Frankly, I think it is one of the most important Explainers I’ve ever written, as Christian Nationalism and Christo-Fascism pose significant threats to our democracy. The link to the story is below. Even though it is longer than most articles on ForwardKY, please take the time to read it – and then share it.
        And as always, thanks for being a member of Forward Kentucky!


This week’s content

The featured article

Christian Nationalism ... or Christo-Fascism?
Christian Nationalism is in the news, but what is it, exactly? What is “Christo-fascism”? And why are they both a serious threat to our democracy?

Most-read article

Willing to kill to ‘restore’ America
Some whites see themselves as losing to people of other demographics in what to these whites is a zero-sum game. So they’re arming to the teeth.

All other content

Conservative group works to relax child-labor laws, citing ‘parental rights’
Biggest victory has been in Arkansas
The school year will soon end – but a new strategy to dismantle public education is just beginning
Yes, there are powerful interests in our country to want to get rid of our public schools. Jason Bailey lays out who – and why.
The ‘most dangerous ideology’? Really?!?
Matt Walsh needs to get out more. And instead of attacking libraries, maybe he should use one.
NKY gubernatorial candidate Eric Deters says he’ll challenge Kelly Craft’s residency status
Craft’s campaign says she has been a “lifelong” resident of Kentucky.
Recapping the KSR debate, and a fundraising update
This week Robert and Jazmin talked about the Kentucky Sports Radio debate from last week and Robert did an analysis of all the fundraising data for 2023 candidates for Q1 2023.
Will somnolence sell? w/Sierra Enlow
Aaron, Doug and Nema discuss the war on woke and its chief warrior, Kelly Craft. It’s still Earth Month, so Aaron tells us about a few federal programs Kentucky is and isn’t pursuing. And, we talk with Ag Commissioner candidate, Sierra Enlow to find out what in the heck even is ag tech?
Headlines for 4/26
Eight ForwardKY stories, seven stories from elsewhere, and three interesting/fun tweets.
Bruce’s Take: Craft is blowing it
And she didn’t have to.
Holthouser: ‘The greatest honor I have received in my professional career’
Holthouser received the 2023 Labor Award from the A. Phillip Randolph Institute.
Campbell is interim head of KDP Labor Council
The Labor Council joins other KDP councils: Black, LGBTQ, military veterans, and rural.
‘Investigate Comer’ billboard links to C-J story
There’s a web address on the billboard – but it doesn’t go where you think it will.
Some surprising new players in Kentucky politics are filling Beshear’s campaign war chest
Family, associates of London Mayor Randall Weddle and reverse logistics industry top governor’s donor list
The Supreme Court rules mifepristone can remain available
Here’s how 2 conflicting federal court decisions led to this point.
Straub: Given all Beshear has faced as governor, he has done admirable job – except on climate change
The Beshear administration declined to apply for a federal grant of up to $3 million to devise a climate action plan. Why?


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