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Dear GLI – Who Are You Insulting by Calling Them a "Bad Actor"?

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GLI wrote an editorial in the C-J supporting HB 72, the bill preventing groups from appealing a zoning ruling to the courts without posting a ginormous bond. (More on that bill here.) But I was struck by this one sentence in their editorial:

“A bill filed by Rep. Jerry Miller aims to address the abuse of our courts at the hands of bad actors.”

So here’s my question: GLI, who are you calling a “bad actor”? And do they know you just insulted them?

Since the editorial starts by talking about the Wal-Mart lawsuit, it seems obvious that GLI is saying that the people who filed that lawsuit are “bad actors.” Here’s the list of groups involved. GLI, are these your bad actors?

  • OPEN Louisville
  • Neighborhood Planning & Preservation
  • Concerned Association of Russell Residents
  • West Louisville Talks
  • Women in Transition

Interesting – a lot of these bad actors appear to be from West Louisville. Is that what you’re saying, GLI?

Or, could it be this list of cities and organizations who wrote an op-ed opposing a bill to put a price tag on our justice system?

  • California Neighborhood Leadership Council
  • Concerned Assoc. of Russell Residents
  • Hurstbourne Townhomes Owners Assoc.
  • Cherokee Triangle Assoc.
  • InPortland Business Assoc.
  • Wolf Pen Preservation Assoc.
  • Irish Hill Neighborhood Assoc.
  • Neighborhood Planning and Preservation
  • Apple Valley Property Owners Assoc.
  • Tucker Station Neighborhood Assoc.
  • Fisherville Area Neighborhood Assoc.
  • OPEN Louisville

Hmm – that’s a pretty large and diverse group. Looks like there are bad actors all over Louisville, according to GLI!

You know, GLI, if you’re going to throw out a justification like that for a terrible bill, then you should expect people to take offense. Maybe that doesn’t bother you, I don’t know.

But maybe, if you call enough different groups “bad actors,” some of them might decide to act up in other ways – like leaving your organization, or banding together to stop your bill.

Just something to think about the next time you call people “bad actors,” when all they are doing is seeking justice.


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