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Kentucky: Flying Backwards Down the Wrong Fast Track

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Everyone likes being on the fast track, right? Fast track to a better job. Fast track to finishing your project. Fast track to graduating.

But what about going backward on a fast track? Scary, right? Well buckle up, Kentucky, because that’s where we are going – backward, and on the fast track.

Word out of Frankfort is that many of the bills the Repubs talked about – and a few they didn’t – are going to be heard in committee, moved to the floor, passed, and signed by the Governor by Saturday. By Saturday … less than a week from taking office.

How’s this for going backward in a big way?

  • So-called Right-to-Work bill
  • Bill to repeal the prevailing wage
  • Bill to outlaw abortion after 20 weeks
  • Bill to require a forced ultrasound before an abortion

Why the big rush, you ask? Because Regressives know that these are not popular bills across the state, AND that given time there might be enough opposition rise up to make individual legislators think twice about supporting them. But this week? People are just getting back into the swing of things after the holidays; most citizens didn’t expect to have to even begin paying attention to events in Frankfort till at least February.

Oh, don’t worry; Regressives have some other backward bills coming then, too. But this week, the focus is on harming working people and women.

Forward Kentucky will be sending out action alerts to get people to call their rep and voice their opposition. But at this point, it looks like the Repubs are determined to crank the throttle on the train as far and as fast as it will go – backward.

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