GOP holds press conference to lie about Amendment 2

Bruce Maples
Bruce Maples

One of the terms we’ve all learned about in recent politics is “projection” – the practice of accusing others of what you yourself are actually doing.

On Thursday, we had an example of projection in Frankfort, as the anti-choice caucus held a press conference to accuse the pro-choice supporters of lying about Amendment 2 – and proceeded to then lie about Amendment 2.

The anti-choice caucus said that the amendment to Kentucky’s constitution would not constitute a total ban on abortion. That is correct, as far as it goes; the amendment would just make it impossible to challenge the almost-total ban that already exists. Basically, the amendment would be equivalent to a total ban, because it would remove remedy through the courts, therefore placing abortion rights in Kentucky in the hands of Republican men in the legislature.

The anti-choice caucus then proceeded to lie about what the pro-choice supporters want. They talked about government funding of abortion, which is already outlawed. They talked about full-term elective abortions, which aren’t a thing.

Finally, the anti-choice folks said that the pro-choice people were trying to scare women. Nope – the pro-choice people are trying to help women see the truth about this upcoming vote, and what it means for their bodies and their lives.

State Rep. Joni Jenkins, the Democratic Caucus leader in the House, had this to say about this morning’s press conference:

“Kentuckians are rejecting Constitutional Amendment #2 because they’re already seeing how devastating life will be for all women if it passes. Today’s press conference accusing the amendment’s opponents of falsehoods is both wrong and a deliberate attempt to hide their own wildly inaccurate statements. Those speaking today know there are no taxpayer-funded abortions in Kentucky, but they lie about it anyway. They know that there is no such thing as elective abortion up to birth — and up to 28 days after birth, according to Rep. Tate — but they lie about it anyway. They know that many, many Kentuckians are supporting efforts going against their draconian approach, but they lie about it anyway. Women’s healthcare – all of it – is on the ballot on Nov. 8th, and THAT’S the truth.”

“Women’s healthcare – all of it – is on the ballot on November 8th, and THAT’S the truth.” – Dem Caucus chair Joni Jenkins

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