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Governor Beshear and Senate President Stivers talk about relationships in 2024

Some hope for more and better discussions.

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When asked if the relationship between Governor Beshear and the Republican leadership in the Kentucky General Assembly will be different in 2024 compared to 2023, Senate President Robert Stivers said quote, “it could be.” GOP leaders have been critical of the governor for failing to meet with them at various times. Stivers said he and his Republican colleagues would be open to meeting weekly with the governor. 

“We know that we will not agree on everything. You don’t agree on everything with parents, or your children, or your spouse. But, you don’t throw them out of the house cause you disagree with them on some things. But I think that would be beneficial to the overall process,” said Stivers.

Stivers said GOP leaders requested to meet with the governor, but he said, quote, “it got to a point where it was just a waste of time.” The senate leader noted productive meetings with the governor rarely happened. Stivers added there are issues like employee pay and funding education where GOP members and the governor have similar ideas, but discussions would help.

The day after his re-election win, Governor Beshear said his administration would double their efforts to build the type of relationships to get things done. He added, the phone works both ways so it’s important that, quote, “everyone is reaching out.”

“Let this be a new day … right ... let it be a new day the relationship with the legislature. Let it be a new day in how neighbors treat each other. Don’t judge your neighbor by the box they checked their name when they were 18 or if they’ve changed it. Let’s just try to be better and I’m gonna do my best to lead that way in these next four years,” said Beshear.

Governor Beshear said last week there have been more than 600 bi-partisan bills during his administration. He said Republican lawmakers won’t have to be concerned if it’s a “win” or “loss” for him, since he’s term-limited. The governor said it also means that will lessen political concern about the next election.


Written by Stu Johnson. Cross-posted from WEKU.

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