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Governor Bevin: Your Words on Trump Are Too Little, Too Late

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Dear Governor Bevin — We heard your statement on Donald Trump’s comments about women. We have a statement back to you:

Too Little. Too Late.

In an interview on Terry Meiners radio show, Governor, you said that Trump’s comments about grabbing women by the genitals (!) were “foul, vulgar, and shouldn’t have any place in public discourse.” But then, instead of going on to condemn Trump’s other comments, you turned instead to attacking the people who called out Trump as “hypocrites.”

So, rather than let your mild, milquetoast condemnation of Trump stand on its own, you had to cheapen even the half-hearted statement you gave by going to “but the other people are the same.”

It’s bad enough, Governor, that a man who talks regularly about his faith waits THIS long to say anything about Trump’s comments. Where were you when Trump first started? Where were you when he was calling Mexicans rapists, and mocking disabled people, and attacking parents who lost their son defending this country? Where were you when Trump called for banning all Muslims, or made fun of women’s periods, or attacked John McCain for being captured?

But that’s not the worst of it, Governor. You made one too-small, too-late statement about one Trump sentence. But tell me, Governor, where have you said one word about Trump’s ACTIONS? You have said nothing about his business practices, including bankrupting countless small business people by refusing to pay them. You have said nothing about his racist actions in redlining people of color from his housing developments.

And above all, you have said absolutely, completely NOTHING about his repeated sexual assaults on women. I bet if someone were to ask you, you would say that you respect women. Guess what, Governor – WE CAN’T TELL THAT YOU DO, because of your overwhelming silence about Trump’s actions. Are you a hypocrite, Governor?

I and many others have been condeming Trumps words AND actions since his announcement speech. We have called them out, shouted them out, written about them, spoken about them, and condemned them time and again.

And yet YOU, Governor, wait until a week before the election to make some half-hearted statement about ONE SENTENCE Trump has said, and follow it up by talking about the hypocrisy of those offended.

It is too little, too late, Governor. Along with all the other enablers of Trump’s racist, sexist, hate-filled campaign, you failed to step up, failed to speak out, and stood aside while your party’s candidate took our country into the gutter and beyond.

It is too little, too late, Governor. Your moral authority on this topic is gone, sucked away by the wall of silence that has surrounded you ever since Trump was nominated.

It is too little, too late, Governor. For the rest of your term, even though we may work with you on some things and even agree with you on some things, there will always be the thought in the back of our minds, “This is a man who stood aside while Trump raged and assaulted and denigrated and hated, and said nothing and did nothing.”

Do not use the word “hypocrite” with us, Governor. WE are not the ones who stood silently while evil stalked our land.


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