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House Democrats step up to try to stop Project 2025 plans for a Trump White House

The more people learn about Project 2025, the more determined they are to stop it.

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Warning about the far-right Project 2025 agenda for a Donald Trump White House, a group of House Democrats has launched a task force to start fighting the proposal and stop it from taking hold if the Republican former president returns to power.

Democratic Rep. Jared Huffman of California is unveiling The Stop Project 2025 Task Force on Tuesday, the latest sign that congressional Democrats and outside groups are treating Trump's campaign seriously in the expected rematch against Democratic President Joe Biden this fall.

"The stakes just couldn't be higher," Huffman told The Associated Press.

Huffman said the Project 2025 agenda will hit "like a Blitzkrieg" and lawmakers need to be ready.

"If we're trying to react to it and understand it in real time, it's too late," he said. "We need to see it coming well in advance and prepare ourselves accordingly."

The Democratic-led task force comes as groups on and off Capitol Hill are increasingly alarmed over Project 2025, a sweeping blueprint from the conservative Heritage Foundation that is preparing to quickly help staff a new GOP administration with plans for dismantling aspects of the federal government and installing loyalists for a second Trump term.


While the Trump campaign has repeatedly said that outside groups do not speak for the former president, Project 2025's 1,000-page proposal was drafted with input from a long list of former Trump administration officials who are poised to fill the top ranks of a potential new administration.

Core to the Project 2025 plan is ousting thousands of civil servants and replacing them with personnel from a database of applicants, an effort to reverse the setbacks of Trump's first term, when many of his more extreme ideas were thwarted and blocked by those refusing to break norms or overextend presidential powers.

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