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How Andy Beshear could be a hero

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As most of you know, Attorney General Andy Beshear is running for governor. Not this year, though; the election for governor isn’t until 2019. And there’s the rub.

More than one fellow Dem has called out Beshear for announcing before this year’s election. And even more have called him out for raising money THIS year for his election NEXT year. They’ve accused him of sucking the air and the bucks out of the room, when we need every last dollar to take back the Kentucky House.

They have a point. In fact, they have a really, really good point. We already know that outside groups like the Kochs are spending millions in the state, propping up Republican candidates. Most Dem candidates, on the other hand, are doing it with small donations and their own money. There’s only so much money to go around, and Andy Beshear taking hundreds of thousands off the table is bound to hurt some of these Dem candidates.

So, Mr. Beshear, here is a way that you can both stop the complaining, and be a hero to all the Dems in Kentucky:

Give it all away.

That’s right – DONATE the money you’ve raised so far to Democratic campaigns across the state. Talk with the folks at the KDP, and with campaign managers, and figure out where your money can do the most good. Then send it to these campaigns and help them win. Help Democrats take back the House.

By doing this, you’ll be earning a large amount of good will … AND, you’ll show that you are concerned with the success of the entire party, and not just your own race. You’d be seeding the field for next year, while at the same time giving the eventual governor a Democratic majority in at least one legislative body in Frankfort.

This would be the act of a leader. This would be a bold stroke. So be bold, Andy Beshear. Put your money where it can do the most good THIS year.


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