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I voted for Charles Booker ... and WITH him too!

Early voting started this morning, and I decided to go vote at the same place Charles Booker was voting. It was neat, and I’ve got pics to prove it!

Since I am a poll worker next Tuesday, I have to vote early. And what better time and place than at 8:00 AM today when early voting opens, and at the Kentucky Center for African American Heritage on Muhammad Ali Boulevard!

Of course, my choice was somewhat determined by the fact that Charles Booker was going to vote there at 8 AM as well, and I wanted to be there to cover that.

I’ve known Charles for a while, ever since he was helping with a redevelopment project in Louisville’s West End. So when he saw me as he walked into the building, we shook hands and greeted one another. Then I got a (badly done) selfie with him, to record the moment.

Booker and family arriving to vote.
Man I look old in this. :-)

There were many well-wishers there to greet Booker as he arrived and then went in to vote. I went ahead and voted as well. (It’s a LONG ballot; give yourself time to go through both sides, including voting “NO!!” on both amendments on the back.)

After all the eligible Bookers had voted, Charles and family had to do the “meet the press” thing.

Got to get the microphones pinned to your tie and suit.
This is an example of “thriving when the lights are their brightest.”

Booker answered questions for some minutes, including one about “how does this feel to be casting a vote for yourself for U.S. Senate?” He first said it was “surreal,” but then got emotional, noting that he was wearing his grandfather’s tie bar.

I felt some sympathy for the family. It’s got to be tough, standing in front of the bright lights and just smiling (or not). But, it’s part of the gig when your parent runs for office.

I’m glad I went. I’m glad I was able to speak to Charles Booker and wish him luck. I’m glad I was able to vote for him. And even though his candidacy is a long, long shot, I’ll be pulling for him on Tuesday night.