Trent Kendall and Seth Whitenton, IBEW members working to get power back on in Mayfield

IBEW journeymen helping restore power in Mayfield because 'the union is all about brotherhood and sisterhood'

Berry Craig
Berry Craig

Mayfield’s Seven Oaks Church of Christ were able to get supplies to re-wire houses damaged in the deadly Dec. 10 tornado that swept through the Graves County seat and its environs.

But when Trent Kendall and Seth Whitenton learned the church was looking for electricians, the two IBEW Local 816 journeymen volunteered.

“I’m free in the afternoons, so what’s an hour out of my time to go and get somebody’s power back on who otherwise would have to wait a very long time,” said Kendall, whose home was spared by the nighttime twister that spun a path of death and destruction across western Kentucky.

“Joel Crider, my high school electricity teacher, who goes to Seven Oaks, contacted me and said they had the material but needed electricians,” said Kendall, a 2014 Mayfield High School grad.

Explained Whitenton: “We’ve been going around rebuilding services on houses for people who are less fortunate. We also put up few trailer pole services for campers for people that are displaced from their homes.”

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Berry Craig

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