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"Indivisible Kentucky" Group Forms

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Most everyone has heard of the Indivisible document, written by former Congressional staffers. It tells how to make a difference by carrying out actions of various kinds, mostly targeted at your elected officials.

Now, an Indivisible group has formed for Kentucky — and they’ve already carried out their first action! Read on for the details, including how YOU can join the group!

After the election, Dawn Cooley was like most of us: discouraged, shocked, and trying to figure out what to do next. When she heard about the Indivisible document, then read it, she thought “This is what I want to work on.” So, like any activist, she started talking on Twitter and Facebook about forming a Kentucky group. And she discovered that someone had beaten her to it.

Kim Hibbard had lots of experience doing IT work, so when she heard about the Indivisible movement, her first thought was to register a domain name for the work in Kentucky. Soon after she had done that, she was contacted by Dawn, and they decided to work together on build an Indivisible movement in Kentucky.

Advertised through social media, the first organizational meeting was held in Louisville on the evening of January 18th. Dawn and Kim thought there might be about 25 people there, so they set up tables and chairs. Then had to bring in more chairs. Then had to bring in MORE chairs. Then had to tell people to sit on the floor, because there weren’t any more chairs!

At that first meeting, over 75 people showed up, ready to get active and make a difference. The vision for the group was shared. Names and emails were added to lists, committees were formed, ideas were hatched and added to flipcharts. When the meeting ended, Indivisible Kentucky was launched.

The very next day, the group carried out their first action: visiting Senator McConnell’s local office to ask him to oppose some of the Trump cabinet nominees. Eighteen persons from the group took time out of their day to descend on the McConnell office in downtown Louisville and make their voices heard. The staffers were surprised, but gracious, and took down everyone’s name and their message for the Senator.

More actions are planned, including regular #ResistTrumpTuesdays, starting on January 24. The committees are starting to meet and plan their work. Partnerships are being formed with other groups as well. (Disclosure: Forward Kentucky is partnering on communication work.)

Note that both Dawn and Kim have day jobs, as do the members of the group. They feel, though, that this is critical work, and deserves the extra time it is going to take.

If YOU want to get involved in Indivisible Kentucky, go to their website at IndivisibleKY.org and sign up for email notifications. You can learn more about the group there, as well as read their blog, The Daily Resistance. You can also join them on social media (naturally!) at Twitter and Facebook. The group has already grown beyond the initial 75+, and is looking to form chapters across the state.

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