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“It’s crazy out there.”

“Bruce’s Take” for Monday, May 8

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Good Monday morning! After studying some site metrics over the weekend, I discovered that one of the more popular features on the site is when I myself actually write something. 🤔

That was definitely gratifying, but also means I’ve got to keep my promise to do more of it. So, I have set a goal of doing a Bruce’s Take post at least three times a week. Feel free to hold me to it.

Also, as you know if you read the newsletter from yesterday, I’ve decided to put the story list back at the bottom of these posts. Hope that is useful to you.

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I got an email from Debbie Wesslund, updating her story on guns and Profiles in Courage with the additional killings since she wrote the piece. At the end she said, “It’s crazy out there.”

That got me to thinking. Yes, it certainly seems that we are in the midst of some sort of mental/emotional health crisis in this country. The first question most people are asking, assuming they agree, is Why. Why are random people suddenly deciding to kill other human beings for seemingly no reason?

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