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Jamie Comer: A talking point in human form

The Jamie Comer Rule: Close your eyes and shout your talking points as loud as you can.

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Question: Have you noticed the number of articles we’ve posted in the past month about Jamie Comer, our illustrious rep from western Kentucky (which apparently now includes Frankfort)?

I suspect at least a few people are wondering “Why are they going after Jamie so much?” The answer is simple:

Because he is such a tool. A shill. An empty suit. And because he contributes nothing to the national dialogue but talking points. Lots and lots of talking points, no matter what they are.

I can imagine Squeaker McCarthy saying “Jamie, there’s a talking point we want to get out there, but no one is willing to use it because it is so stupid. Can you use it somewhere?”

And Lapdog Jamie nods his head vigorously and says “Yessir, Mr. Kevin, I’m your guy.”

Comer’s latest ridiculous talking point is that SVB, the Silicon Valley bank that blew up last week, failed because it was “woke.”

Of all the asinine talking points spouted by Comer and his 15-minutes-of-fame compatriots, this wins the prize for Most Asinine.

First of all, Comer couldn’t define “woke” if his life depended on it. It’s just a word that falls out of his mouth, like “Biden” and “investigations.”

Secondly, SVB didn’t fail because it actually cares about things like diversity and human rights. In fact, one insider told CNN that the place was so concerned about transparency that the leadership told people about their shortfall voluntarily. To quote: “The saddest thing is that this place is Boy Scouts,” he said. “They made mistakes, but these are not bad people.”

No, SVB didn’t fail because it was “woke.” It failed for two simple reasons:

  • The bank's financial underpinning was bonds, and the value of those bonds dropped as the Fed continued to raise interest rates, thus putting the bank on shaky ground. The bank leadership didn't manage this risk effectively.
  • Then, that same leadership announced that they were on shaky ground, thus causing a run on the bank. Bingo – failed bank.

Does Comer know this? Does Comer even understand this? I suspect the answers are Yes and Yes.

But it doesn’t matter. Comer’s motto in life is “Never let a talking point go to waste, no matter how stupid it makes you sound.” And right now, Jamie Comer sounds pretty damn stupid.

Remember, though – stupid people can be dangerous too. Comer is also rumored to be working with Mazars, Trump’s accounting firm, telling them that they don’t need to turn over any documents after all, since Comer and his Oversight Committee don’t care about Trump any more. No, he’s focused on investigating the Bidens, full steam ahead.

Little Jamie Comer is going after his quarter-hour of fame with all the gusto of a dog going after a bone – which can be fun to watch, sometimes. Unfortunately, he is our own rep, which means the rest of the country is asking, once again, “Where does Kentucky come up with these people?”

And also unfortunately, as he chases that bone, he is knocking over the furniture and breaking things. And that part isn’t fun at all.


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Bruce Maples

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