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KVH says ’be vigilant’ about your Medicaid and CHIPs coverage

Look for your renewal notices, so you don’t lose your coverage.

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Thousands of Kentucky residents and children face the threat of losing Medicaid and Kentucky Children’s Health Insurance as pandemic renewal regulations ease and the Medicaid renewals process returns to normal.

Kentucky Voices for Health staff say renewal notices will be sent through May 2024, requesting extra details to assess household eligibility. While some individuals may no longer qualify because of income, others risk losing coverage if they fail to provide necessary documents.

To ensure families remain safeguarded even if ineligible, Kentucky Voices for Health urges them to be vigilant, particularly those with children.

Priscilla Easterling, outreach coordinator with Kentucky Voices for Health, emphasized children in some households may still qualify despite adults being ineligible because of differing income guidelines.

“It’s really important that families are getting these notices that they make sure that they’re also looking at the other different eligibility rules for adults versus kids,” she explained. “There are a lot more kids who will remain eligible even if their parents may not remain eligible.”

Easterling reported that approximately 60,000 children will likely reside in households that are expected to provide further information.

Easterling added it is important to update contact information with Medicaid since people will have about 45 days to provide the required information upon receiving a notice that can determine your family’s eligibility, and said if you find out you are no longer eligible, there are a few things you can do.

“Just because you lose your Medicaid coverage, it doesn’t mean that it’s a permanent thing. You can always still submit the documentation, go through the reconsideration process, file an appeal, or you can also enroll in a qualified health plan through a special enrollment period,” she said.

She added the special enrollment period will be available until July 31st, 2024, and urged people who require assistance with the renewal process to reach out to the Department for Community Based Services office or locate a Kynector at kynect.ky.gov for help.


Written by Shanteya Hudson for Kentucky News Connection.

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