KY House Dems release abortion-rights ads against 10 Republicans

Bruce Maples
Bruce Maples

In a recent Daily Take, I wondered why KY Democrats were not running hard on abortion rights, since KY Republicans want to take their already-extreme abortion ban and make it even more extreme.

While there are individual candidates who speak out about abortion rights and the dangerous Republican plans, there hasn’t been a strong statewide push on the issue by Democrats.

Until now.

The House Democratic Caucus, led by Rep. Joni Jenkins, has released two ads targeting ten Republicans across the state. The ads feature pictures and names of all ten, calling them “extremists” and pointing out the dangers they pose to women.

Included in the candidates targeted are four incumbents: Dan Fister, Jason Nemes, Jonathan Dixon, and Ken Fleming. The other six Repubs listed in the ads are current candidates Steven Doan, Stephanie Dietz, Emily Callaway, Jared Bauman, Jim Coleman, and Kyle Whalen.

Here is the 15-second ad:

And here is the 30-second ad:

Both ads are well done, firm, and on point.

According to Nick Storm at KY Fried Politics, the ads are running in the GOPers’ districts. He quotes Jenkins as saying “We want every Kentuckian to know what Republicans are doing in Frankfort and know that they have an alternative on the ballot this year. Republicans want to see out-of-state corporations and the rich run Frankfort with big tax breaks, while stiffing the middle class.”

If you watch the ads on YouTube, you can click the Share button and spread them on social media. So go do that.


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