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Ky Senator Seeks Sanctuary From Reality

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In news that surprised no one, a Kentucky state senator proposed a bill to remove the Commonwealth from the real world, and only accept realities that fit his view of the world.

“Who says we have to go along with things like gravity?” said Sen. Jim Gooch (R-Midgar). “Just because the weather is getting wierd and the water’s getting wierder, doesn’t mean we have to deal with it, right? We’ll just pass a law saying none of these things apply to Kentucky.”

Gooch’s bill came in response to the Environmental Protection Agency (part of the Federal government) asking states to submit their plans to clean up the emissions from their power plants. States that don’t submit their own plans will be given a plan by the EPA. Gooch’s bill would simply claim that the EPA doesn’t exist as far as Kentucky is concerned.

When asked about the concept of Federalism, Gooch replied, “What’s that?” After explaining that Federal laws override state laws, Gooch put his hands over his ears and walked away saying “La-La-La! I can’t hear you!”

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