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The home page for all resources related to the 2024 session of the KY General Assembly.

This is the home page for our coverage of the 2024 session of the KY General Assembly. It includes a link to all stories tagged with “topic-KYGA24,” as well as links to the Bill Tracker pages, the Visual Bill Tracker, and the Legislator Scorecard. We’ve also included some resources to help you follow the action and make a difference.

The Stories

KYGA24 stories page – A page containing all stories with the KYGA23 tag. (Open to all – click here)


(Open to all)

The Legislative Process – An overview of how a bill moves through the legislature. (go here)

Citizen Resources – Various tools and web sites to both stay informed and to make a difference. (go here)

How to Be an Effective Activist – A guide to not just being a political activist, but an effective one. Available as both a web page and a PDF.

The Bill Trackers

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One of the challenges of keeping up with the General Assembly is the sheer number of bills that are filed. Which ones are good or bad, which ones have a chance of passing, which ones bear watching?

To make it easier for our members to be informed, we have installed Bill Trackers. This software updates every night, pulling all the information on each bill from the official LRC site. You can see the progress of each bill, the filed summary of the bill, the full text, and much more. For some bills, we also have a short summary, a short title, and what topic it falls under, courtesy of the staff at the KY Equal Justice Center.

Here are the four bill sheets we have set up:

AND, as an added bonus, we have brought back the Visual Bill Tracker as well, for those of you who want a quick update on where our key legislation is in the process.

And finally, we also have the Legislator Scorecard, where you can see how all the legislators score on our key bills.

Before using the Bill Trackers for the first time, you should watch this short video that explains some of the features.

The Morning Update Newsletter

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The KYGA Update is a newsletter sent out the morning after the legislature meets, which usually means it is emailed on Tuesday through Saturday. It includes which bills were voted on in committee, which ones were voted on in chambers, which ones passed, the committee schedule, and the orders of the day for each chamber.

To receive the KYGA Update newsletter, you need to be at the Partner member level, and also opt in to the newsletter on your member profile. (To upgrade to Partner, go here.)