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Metro Govt Continues To Use Data To Make Louisville Better

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thumbs-up-smallOne mark of a progressive city is that is continually looks for ways to improve the quality of life for its citizens. A key way to do that is effective use of data and technology, and our local government continues to take ground in that area.

In November , the city was named a “Top Digital City Government” for the fourth year in a row. (Very cool.) This week, sort of buried in the local news, is another story that deserves attention.

MetroSafe is incorporating a new feature into its 911 service called AED Link  It’s provided by Atrus  a company out of Florida, and shows the location of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) on the 911 dispatcher maps. For the first time, 911 dispatchers will be able to point a caller to a nearby AED — IF that AED is registered in the national AED registry.

This is one of those uses of data that you don’t think about, but once someone points it out, you think “Well, duh, of course you’d want that information.” Props to the Atrus company for thinking of it, and props to MetroSafe folks for getting it installed here in Louisville.

And of course, if you know of an AED, encourage the owner to register it at  You never know when that simple action could lead to saving a life.

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