Nelson County Dems celebrate their candidates – then dash after dessert

Bruce Maples
Bruce Maples

On Friday night, about seventy Dems from Nelson County shared a meal together, listened to candidates from the top of the ticket on down, heard a keynote speech that was accompanied by a cartoon slide deck – and then dashed after their dessert.

Martha Nest
Martha Nest

The event was organized by the Nelson County Democratic Women’s Club, and held at the Bardstown Country Club. The emcee was Martha Nest, the president of the club, and the crowd ranged from Young Democrats to long-time elected officials.

Nest, a transplant to Kentucky from Maine, kept a tight rein on the program, and wasn’t shy about calling out a speaker in her wonderful Maine accent. Unlike many other such events held through the years, she gave each candidate two minutes to make their pitch, and made them stick to it.

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