No, I can’t donate to your campaign


Even before the filing deadline hit, I started getting fund-raising emails from various campaigns. So, in order to keep anyone from feeling I am ignoring them, let me just say this:

No, I cannot donate to your campaign.

BUT – there’s a caveat.

I cannot donate to your campaign during the primary season. If you win the primary, AND you’re the progressive candidate in the race, then let’s talk.

And, just to be clear, Forward Kentucky (or technically, Maples Media) cannot donate to any campaign, ever, because we are an LLC, and corporate entities are barred from political donations.

So, good luck in the primary! And feel free to call or email me after the election in May.

But until then, your fund-raising emails go right into the little wastebasket icon.


Bruce Maples
Bruce Maples has been involved in politics and activism since 2004, when he became active in the Kerry Kentucky movement. He has been President, Vice-President, and Treasurer of the Metro Democratic Club, and has served on the Democratic Party Executive Committee in Louisville. He began blogging in 2004, and currently operates two personal blogs ( and He founded Forward Kentucky in the wake of the state elections in 2015, and expanded it in the summer of 2016. He has lived in Louisville since 1992 with his wife and two sons.