Not one Republican voted to help Americans in the midst of the COVID Pandemic. Not one. Skip to content

Not one Republican voted to help Americans in the midst of the COVID Pandemic. Not one.

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Let’s scream from the rooftops — Not one Republican in the Senate voted for the American Rescue Plan. Not one Republican voted to help families in dire need. Not one Republican voted to help bring an end to this pandemic. Not one Republican voted to help open schools safely. Not one.

Let it be known, far and wide, that when the time came to provide financial help to struggling families, to veterans, to the middle class, to healthcare, to vaccination efforts and for schools and children, to conquer COVID-19 and to help lift the economy, Republicans instead tried their best to sabotage the bill with heinous amendments and to score cheap talking points. Not one Republican, not Murkowski, not even Romney, lifted a finger or offered a constructive amendment to show their compassion or duty to the American public. Instead, they remained loyal to the worst instincts of the party and its donor class.

While the Democrats delivered what they had promised — to serve the American People.

Perhaps, we should add this note to every relief check.

This is what Republicans are against –

This is where the 1.9 trillion dollars will go. Obviously, these are not Republican priorities.

Let’s remind people that the bill had “bipartisan support” — 70% of the American public supported it.

Yes, there were COVID-19 stimulus bills last year, most of them were loaded with pounds of flesh for the Republican donor class. Yes, they were far from perfect, but Democrats supported the bills, because they provided some help for ordinary Americans. But Republicans will not give a nano-inch to Democrats, because they are the minority party, they have no principles and they need to keep their base angry and frothing at their mouth. It’s time for Democrats to kill the filibuster, do the People’s work and relegate the GOP to permanent minority status.

But let’s also celebrate this Victory for the American People —

Thank You Sen. Schumer.

Let’s keep reminding folks that with malice towards all, with charity for none and with loyalty only to the party, no Republican lifted a finger to help the American people.

And yes, let’s keep also reminding folks that Democrats delivered on their promises to serve the People of this great nation, as they always do.


Written by AKALib. Cross-posted from Daily Kos.

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