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#NotNormal – A new series from Forward Kentucky

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“The new normal.” It’s a phrase heard more and more in both national and state politics. It means we just have to accept whatever is happening, because it is now what’s normal and acceptable.

We’re calling BS. Loudly.

As the two sentences say on our featured image, you should never normalize the abnormal, and never accept the unacceptable. You have to call it out, regularly and forcefully. Otherwise, people begin to get the idea that this is, indeed, the new normal.

After watching “The Man in the High Castle” (the show where Nazis win WWII and take over most of the United States), one reviewer said that the most disturbing aspect of the show was not the fascism, or the cruelty, or the loss of freedom. It was the apparent ease with which everyone just accepted their new reality, and practiced “go along to get along” rather than stand up for what they knew was right.

So, in a world where Trump is continually changing the rules, and being allowed to do so by a Republican Congress that left their spines somewhere in 2015 – and in a state where pension bills are crammed into sewer bills and voted on with no chance to read them – we are going to start calling out the #NotNormal actions of our national and state governments.

We’ll use the hashtag #NotNormal to tag the stories. Feel free to share them with those hashtags. And join us in saying “You may think this is the new normal – but we’re calling BS.”


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