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Your Primary Scorecard for Tuesday night

“Can’t tell the players without a scorecard” was the line at the ballparks. As we come down to the final inning of this year’s primaries, Forward Kentucky is here with our own Primary Scorecard!

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A baseball scorecard from the 1890s (Oregon State League [public domain] via Wikimedia Commons)

It’s primary season! We used to say “it’s primary day,” but with early voting already underway, this year’s primary election is more than just one day.

Some of the primary elections are probably foregone conclusions, based on name recognition and money. Others, though, are toss-ups and even possible upsets, and could make big differences in the races this fall.

To help you keep track of who’s winning and losing, and which ones are expected and which ones are shockers, we’ve put together this Primary Scorecard. Print it out (there’s a PDF version at the bottom) and mark it up as the results come in on Tuesday night. Enjoy!


  • The scorecard works much better in light mode than dark.
  • If the race is a one-party race, so that the primary determines the overall winner, it’s marked as primary only.
  • If the winner of the primary still has to face an opponent from the other party in the fall, it’s marked as on to general.
  • For those marked “on to general,” the opponent in the fall is listed.
  • If the incumbent is running in the primary, their name is in bold.
  • If the incumbent does not have a primary, they are listed with “inc” by their name in the race header.
  • And, if the incumbent is not running at all, the race is marked as open seat.
  • Finally, if you want some really in-depth reporting on the Liberty-vs-establishment subplot, check this article from Joe Sonka. As always, Joe does solid work.
Last Name First Name Winner Notes Party
House 2 (primary only)
Heath Richard Repub
Holloway Kimberly Repub
House 10 (on to general - John Whipple
Calloway Josh Repub
Cantwell Julie Repub
House 19 (primary only)
Meredith Michael Repub
Rock Kelcey Liberty Repub
House 24 (on to general - open seat - Johnny Pennington)
Bivens Ryan Repub
Waggoner Asa Repub
House 29 (on to general - open seat)
Allison Wyatt Repub
Lewis Chris Repub
Peden Debbie Repub
Findley Timothy Dem
Pfaadt Matthew Dem
Santiago Ricky Dem
House 30 (primary only)
Grossberg Daniel Dem
Subedi Mitra Dem
House 31 (on to general - inc Susan Witten)
Davis Colleen Dem
Marshall Carma Dem
House 36 (on to general - inc John Hodgson)
McDowell Colin Dem
Zorn William Dem
House 40 (primary only)
Kulkarni Nima Disqualified; appealing Dem
Zeitz William Dem
House 41 (on to general - open seat - Sara Cottrell)
Adams Rick Dem
Marzian Mary Lou Dem
House 42 (primary only - open seat)
Musselwhite Jonathan Dem
Walker Jack Dem
Watkins Joshua Dem
House 44 (primary only)
Chester-Burton Beverly Dem
Cockrell Daniel Dem
Waldon Shreeta Dem
House 45 (on to general - Adam Moore)
Jefferson Thomas Liberty Repub
Timoney Killian Moderate Repub
House 47 (on to general - Robb Adams)
Gilkison Mark Backed by establishment PACs Repub
Rabourn Felicia Liberty Repub
House 48 (on to general - inc Ken Fleming)
Farrow Kate Dem
Wesslund Debbie Dem
House 49 (primary only)
Harned William Repub
Huff Thomas Repub
House 50 (primary only)
Massaroni Candy Liberty Repub
Stone Andy Repub
House 55 (on to general - Katrina Sexton)
King Kim Repub
Toller James Repub
House 56 (on to general - inc Daniel Fister)
Bingham Chantel Dem
Branscum Dencia Dem
House 57 (on to general - open seat - Kyle Thompson)
Hancock Erika Dem
Powe Kristie Dem
House 60 (on to general - Deborah Flowers)
Pavese Christopher Repub
Proctor Marianne Liberty Repub
House 61 (primary only)
Lykins Jarrod Repub
Maddox Savannah Liberty Repub
House 62 (on to general - open seat - Kevin Kidwell)
Hampton Tony Repub
Parker Bill Repub
House 64 (on to general - Heather Crabbe)
Campbell Karen Repub
Moser Kimberly Support from House GOP caucus Repub
House 66 (on to general - open seat - Peggy Nienaber)
Massey Ed Lost seat in '22 Repub
Roberts Theodore Liberty Repub
House 67 (on to general - open seat - Matt Lehman)
Hatton Terry Repub
Ormes Brian Repub
House 69 (on to general - Wilanne Stangel)
Brown Diane Repub
Doan Steven Liberty Repub
House 76 (primary only)
Buckman Joshua Dem
Donworth Anne Dem
Palumbo James Dem
House 77 (on to general - Jason Griffith)
Brown George Dem
Whitley Daniel Dem
House 86 (primary only)
Smith Tom Repub
Taylor Billy Repub
House 89 (primary only)
Holland Idalia Repub
Truett Timmy Repub
House 91 (primary only)
Billings Darrell Repub
Wesley Billy Repub
House 93 (primary only)
Camuel Adrielle Dem
Ritter Sarah Dem
House 95 (on to general - inc Ashley Laferty)
Pennington David Repub
Spencer Brandon Repub
House 98 (on to general - open seat - Aaron Thompson)
Assar Shawn Dem
Reneau James Dem
Virgin Joe Dem
Womack Tammie Dem
Senate 1 (primary only)
Bechler Lynn Repub
Howell Jason Repub
Senate 5 (on to general - Jamie Skudlarek)
Ballinger Thomas Repub
Meredith Stephen Repub
Senate 7 (on to general - Rhonda Davis)
Gallrein Ed Support from House leadership Repub
Reed Aaron Liberty Repub
Southworth Adrienne Libertarian and sorta Liberty Repub
Senate 11 (primary only)
Froelicher Duane Repub
Rawlings Steve Repub
Senate 17 (on to general - Kiana Fields)
Jaddock Julia Repub
Nunn Matt Repub
Senate 33 (primary only)
Churchill Michael Dem
Neal Gerald Dem
Scott Attica Dem

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