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Remember: Trump Gone or Not, We Have Work To Do

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I’ve been reading Twitter a lot lately, both to keep up and to get story ideas and leads. A recent comment on there, though, got me thinking, and I thought I’d expand on it.

The point of the tweet was that the prospect of Trump et al getting impeached, while enticing, is also a distraction. Ultimately, even if we get President Hatch (!), we still have a Congress and a state house that are determined to take away health insurance, get rid of Medicare and Medicaid, turn Social Security into a Wall Street cash cow, and give even more money and power to the rich while ignoring or actually hurting everyone else.

So, even while you hope that #TrumpRussia gets people thrown out of office and thrown into jail, remember:

  • We have bad bills to stop.
  • We have town halls to attend.
  • We have letters to write, and faxes to send, and phone calls to make.
  • We have candidates to find, for every office out there.
  • We have money to raise, because the big donors will give to Repubs, and we have to match them with thousands upon thousands of grassroots donations.
  • And we have to organize, and work, and take back our state and our country.

Remember: whether Trump goes or stays, we have work to do.

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