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Right-wing rallies planned for 9/11 in KY

While many people will spend September 11th thinking about the events of 20 years ago, at least two event planners have a different idea: why not spend the day celebrating Donald Trump?

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While many people will spend September 11th thinking about the events of 20 years ago, at least two event planners have a different idea:  why not spend the day celebrating Donald Trump?

Northern Kentucky "Freedom Fest"

A former lawyer in Covington is planning a "Freedom Fest" on his 138-acre farm south of Covington. Eric Deters, a former attorney, says that he expects "thousands" to attend the rally, which will feature Kimberly Guilfoyle (Don Jr's girlfriend), and Fox News personality Tomi Lahren.

As noted in the Cincinnati Enquirer:

Deters said he's not afraid of any controversy the rally might bring. He's had plenty of controversy over his troubled legal career. His comments and court filings have incurred the wrath of multiple judges. His Kentucky law license has been suspended for about eight years. In 2014, he permanently retired from practicing law in Ohio. ... A Hamilton County judge in 2020 banned Deters from the Hamilton County courthouse for comments Deters made on his podcast, "The Bulldog."

Deters says he is paying for the event himself, but won't say what it is costing him. The free event will feature music and a fireworks show at night in addition to speeches from Lahren and Guilfoyle.

Statement from Kenton County Democratic Party

In response to the right-wing rally in their county, the Dems of Kenton County released this statement:

“It’s appalling that the most extreme and divisive voices in the Republican Party are being given a platform right here in Kenton County. September 11th is a day of service, remembrance, and commemoration, and yet there are some who intend to spend the day rallying around a politician. This is a gross distortion of a day intended to memorialize 2,977 people killed in the tragic 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

“Also remember that this rally is being held during a monumental public health crisis, and many of these same divisive extremists refuse to be vaccinated and believe that the Coronavirus pandemic is a hoax. We need a unified voice against these attempts to divide our people, spread misinformation, and promote reckless superspreader events when our local hospitals are already at capacity.

“As Democrats, we believe that silence is irresponsible and unacceptable when it comes to protecting our community. Kenton County Democratic Executive Committee member Chris Brown called for a unified voice from Republicans in condemning this event and we have heard nothing. So today we’re standing up and demanding leadership and accountability.

“We call on our Republican leaders here in Kenton County — State Senators McDaniel and Thayer, State Representatives Banta, Koenig, Maddox, Moser, Judge-Executive Knochelmann, and County Commissioners Draud, Nienaber, and Sewell — to condemn this event immediately.”

Muhlenberg County "We the People Reunion"

As already covered in Forward Kentucky, a Tennessee blogger is planning a large outdoor rally in Muhlenberg County over the 9/11 weekend. The rally begins on Friday night, September 10, and goes through Saturday.

The event ticket page says that the event will include "the biggest names in the conservative patriot movement including Gen. Flynn, Lin Wood, Candace Owens, Mike Lindell, and many others along w/top notch Christian & Country Music Entertainment! Simply put: This will be THE 'Event Of The Year' for American Patriots!"

Unlike the NKY event, though, this one isn't free. General admission tickets are $125, general admission "plus" tickets are $250, and the VIP tickets are $500. (Note: all these are single tickets. Take a date and it's twice this.)

The "We the People" event is being staged by Brad Barton, a Tennessee resident who hosts an internet talk show. As we noted at the time, all the ticket money is going to a newly-formed LLC owned by Barton. But, other enterprising entrepreneurs in the area are jumping on the train: one business is advertising Patriot Rally Event Parking, with space for your RV going for $200 for the weekend.


If anyone actually attends either of these events, we would love an update on how they went, with pictures if possible. As for us, we will be staying far, far away from these super-spreader events, avoiding both the COVID virus and the Trumpism virus.

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