Santa Visits Mitch


A few weeks ago, we gave Senator Mitch McConnell an atta-boy badge for his statement regarding the Roy Moore allegations: “I believe the women.” Aaron Smith captured the moment:

But now, after our dear senior senator walked that back and left it to the voters of Alabama to maintain some standards, Santa decided it was time for a special gift for Mitch … and time to take one back.

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Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith has been drawing for as long as he could hold a pencil. He grew up in Eastern Kentucky before attending the University of Kentucky, where dozens of his editorial cartoons were published by the Kentucky Kernal, UK's award-winning student run newspaper. His interests include social justice, bourbon and Saturday mornings, sometimes all at once. He currently lives in Louisville with his wife and two ferocious house cats.
  • Mitch is a coward plain and simple. If he had any backbone at all he would have already called for Trump to resign or be impeached. Then he is afraid to stand up to Trump and support the likes of Roy Moore. Mitch should resign as well. We do not need cowards working for us. Well, he forgets he is working for us.

    • Mitch is NOT working for us. He’s made it clear for whom he is working: the party itself, and the wealthy donors who fund it. If the donors are for Roy Moore, Mitch is for Moore. If the donors are against Moore, then Mitch is against Moore.

      Mitch takes whichever position is best for the party, even if that means changing every fifteen minutes.