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SB180: Let's Thank the Sixteen Who Took a Stand

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SB180, one of the most badly-written and meanly-intended bills to ever come before the General Assembly, passed the Kentucky Senate today by a vote of 22-16. An obvious attack on fairness ordinances within the state, it has been roundly condemned by groups and individuals across the nation, including former member of the General Assembly itself. Now that it has passed the Senate, we can only hope that the House refuses to even consider it, instead letting it die the quick and merciless death it so clearly deserves.

Yes, even though it passed, there were eleven Democrats and five Republicans who saw the bill for the expression of discrimination that is is and voted against it. Let us take a moment and thank these elected officials who stood for all our citizens and not just some, and who weren’t afraid to vote against discrimination, even in an election year.

The Republicans: Alice Forgy Kerr, Carroll Gibson, Chris McDaniels, Julie Raque Adams, and Wil Shroder

The Democrats (that would be ALL of them): Denise Harper Angel, Dennis Parrett, Dorsey Ridley, Gerald Neal, Johnny Ray Turner, Julian Carroll, Morgan McGarvey, Perry Clark, Ray Jones, Reginald Thomas, and Robin Webb

If you want to thank these sixteen Senators for their vote, go to our Facebook page and add your name to the Thank-You card!

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